Wholesale meat prices in Russia will fall by 15-20%




Wholesale meat prices in Russia will fall by 15-20%

21 ноя 2022, 10:24 647

In Russia, a rise in prices for meat products is predicted. According to experts, next year, Russians may face a significant rise in the cost of poultry, beef and pork.

   Wholesale meat prices in Russia will fall by 15-20%

In this regard, experts note that the domestic meat market depends on a complex of factors, among which are the cost of feed, the quality of imports, as well as the capabilities of domestic producers.

How will the market of meat products develop in the new year?

The Coordinator of the federal project “For Honest Products!” presented his own point of view on this issue. Alexander Brazhko: and

Most likely, there will be a drop in wholesale prices for meat in the amount of 15-20%. Indeed, the feed component is a significant factor in the production of poultry, pork or beef. Currently, we are just seeing a significant decline in wheat prices. It's not even a decline. This is already a collapse in prices, which reaches 30, 40, and sometimes 50%.

However, all these calculations relate exclusively to the wholesale segment.

But the retail prices faced by ordinary buyers may indeed rise. The growth of retail prices will depend on the appetites of retail chain owners and their understanding of social responsibility.

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